OSCAR 3 – Quick Tips: Keyword Searching

Keyword Searching:

Keyword searching is a great way to finesse your targeting to drill down to the required audience, and it’s really simple to do. Just type in the keyphrase and press enter, or click the magnifying glass icon to run your search. You can then tick the values you wish.

Using the Select All option for keyword searching is very powerful way to include values fast without having to tick individually. This amazing feature enables you to select up to 1000 values at once, so you don’t have to select them individually. You should use this on niche targeted selections. Anything more broad you should revert to the wider Department or Function selections available in the menu on the left-hand-side.

If you click Select All and none of the values become automatically selected, then there are too many values in your search. Fine-tune your keyword search and try again until you have 1000 or less.

OSCAR 3 - Batch Select
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