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As the name 1 Stop Data suggests, we know data… Our Data Bureau is equipped with highly advanced software along with the knowledge and experience of how to use it most effectively.

It is estimated that business data decays on average by approx 35% – 40% per year, so maintaining an accurate database is a vital element to business success. Getting the best out of your data, will reflect in your sales, so if your database is getting old, information is inconsistent in it’s structure and content then you simply can’t get the best from it. The devil is in the detail for targeting and profiling.

Improve Your Database…

:: De-duplication
Quite simply, having the same record in part or in full multiple times on your database causes complications and takes up storage. We can remove duplicates, maintaining one clean master record.

:: Standardisation and Data Hygiene
A clean and tidy database is a happy database. Inconsistent information can cause complications, and looks unpleasant.

On a serious note, incorrectly structured addresses can cause postal material to be rejected. Phone numbers may not be dialled properly be it from an auto-dialler or manually. All of this adds up to excessive costs of undelivered post and lost time for sorting out the mess after.

:: Data Migration, Merging and Appending
You may be transferring your database from one source to another, bringing multiple sources together into a master database, or looking to integrate additional data to your existing setup. Whatever the scenario, we can help.

:: Gap Analysis
We can run an analysis on your data to see where we can enrich this further. This may be adding missing company and executive information to existing records you hold, as well as getting to understand your existing audience allowing us to append other companies and executives for the existing market that you don’t hold, in addition to suggesting other markets that you could extend your business reach.

:: Record Screening
Companies close down, people change jobs, sadly people pass away, and many people just don’t want to be contacted. With our ongoing research we have an ever growing resource of intelligence for all the above. We can process your database against our corporate intelligence to remove defunct records.

Many options, and endless possibilities.

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