OSCAR 3 – Quick Tips: CTPS Compliance

CTPS Compliance:

For any kind of telemarketing, it’s imperative to exclude any records that are on the CTPS Register (Corporate Telephone Preference Service)

OSCAR 3 makes this nice and easy. Just open “Business Selections” on the left-hand-side, click “On TPS” and choose “N” to select records that are not on the CTPS.

Then proceed to make selections in the usual way.


We also go further by inserting the code “CTPS” into the phone number itself, so should you export data without making a CTPS exclusion, you will still have this as an key indicator as being on the CTPS register.

CTPS Screening for your data:

If you have any existing customer / prospect data that you would run against the CTPS register, please Contact Us.

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