1 Stop Data News – March 2020

1 Stop Data News - March

1 Stop Data News – March 2020

Welcome 1 Stop Data’s March Newsletter

1 Stop Data’s Spring GDPR Recipe

With GDPR under our belts two years now, a lot of dust has settled and companies are getting used to including the right ingredients to keep their data fresh and compliant.

1 Stop Data has been at the forefront of brewing the processes and software to ensure compliance. We often get asked for international data protection legislation and although we cannot give legal advice, we have grown a range of helpful notes for our customers. So, to help you get an idea of the varying rules within Europe I have put together a recipe card for EU data protection however I must stress you should season it to your needs.

Pauline Murphy

If you need any of the ingredients to help you maintain compliance do let me know.

Pauline Murphy

It’s the Economy...

The 1 Stop Data research team are seeing a lot of job changes during the last quarter with job moves up 25% on the previous quarter. Although not perturbed, this does require us to paddle faster to replace those valuable leads. With diligent attention by our Northern Ireland team, all things are possible to ensure we are getting you the replacements.

Data accuracy is one of the core pillars of Data protection, as stated by the ICO below:

At a glance

This does mean that any existing data you hold is going out of date faster, but we are here to help and suggest you come for a refresh. If you would rather have a full data update, we can provide you with cost effective digital data verification. Call us if you have a need for cost effective database updating +44 (0) 208 786 9111.

High quality and compliant leads

At 1 Stop Data we aim to give you the very best B2B leads that are both compliant and accurate. You can rest assured you are working with a professional team of quality data obsessed individuals.  This means you can reply on our data with the following:

We have been providing quality data for over 19 years with the world’s largest companies depending on our accurate targeted data to ensure an excellent ROI. Join them today and get a quote.

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GDPR is without a doubt, the most important change in the world of data in 20 years.

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