Telemarketing and Business Development

Empower Your Sales Team...

The B2B Live pipeline builder enables your sales team to reach the right decision makers and influences, optimising your success potential.

Our highly experienced business development team is a scalable resource to help you increase exposure and grow your pipeline as you need it.

Utilising our B2B Live database, we have the tools experience to identify prospects and qualify interest in your products and services.

Key Stages of the business development pipeline:

Contact Discovery

Through calling and desk research we call and identify decision makers and influencers for your products and services, providing you with contact details.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

Executive level qualified Lead – Confirmed interest in the product or services available and would like to receive general information to learn more.

Sales Ready Qualified Lead (SQL)

Personal opt-in to receive white paper / webinar / brochure etc…

BANT Qualified Lead

Confirmed strong interest and usually in the market for the product or services available. Qualified to BANT principles, so they have Budget, Authority, Need and Time frame.

Appointment Setting

A face to face meeting or conference call. A date and time is usually specified by the executive.

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