B2C Live

The Ultimate Consumer Database

B2C Live from 1 Stop Data gives you access to 25 million individual adults within 15 million houses throughout the UK

Find New Customers

Access 25 million individual adults throughout the UK

Over 15 million Households

Identify your target market with over 500 selections

Reach over 8 million emails

Using our extensive selections, you can focus on the most responsive prospects growing your customer base cost-effectively.

Grow Existing Customer Base

Match and append demographic and behavioural information to your existing file for relevant marketing and more effective customer communications.

Cleanse Your Data

Remove gone ways and deceased. You are cutting out wasted costs by removing contacts that have moved or deceased, but it’s essential to keep your in-house file clean for compliance.

1 Stop Data’s consumer marketing service offers in-depth insight into the consumer market using the most in-depth source of consumer information available.

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