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The Ultimate Business Database

B2B Live from 1 Stop Data is Global Business to Business community, with quality guarantee.

Data isn’t just data. It takes a lot of investment and skill to build and maintain a high quality and responsive audience. Using a combination of compiled information and response intelligence, with the B2B Live community, we can target the audience you need quickly and accurately.

So, why is it “Live”?
The way other databases are maintained and brought to market is that it’s compiled in one place by one or more teams, then eventually gets passed to another team for merge and import in to another database. By the time this archaic traditional cycle is completed from system to system, one team to another, the data is already aged – often many months old, sometimes much longer.

Here at 1 Stop Data, we do things differently. Our research agents are connected directly to the same platform as our consulting team are profiling from so, the very second new members of our community are added, names and emails are gathered, goneaways are removed and replaced, new companies and additional intelligence is added, this information is instantly available for the very next campaign you run. There simply is no delay, it’s LIVE!

The B2B Live community can be segmented by multiple elements to include:

  • International Region and Country
  • Executive Function (also with job title key word searching)
  • Industry
  • Turnover
  • Employee Size
  • Availability of contact details and firmographics

and much more…

Try it Yourself

Working on a proposal and want some fast stats? Using our online tool, OSCAR (One Stop Counts and Reporting), you can get make your selections and get base volumes in real-time of what’s available in the B2B Live community for you to target in your campaign.


Contact Us today regarding Audience planning from the B2B Live community.

What!… There’s more!… You can also get direct access to either the entire B2B Live community or subset, with B2B Live DaaS (Data as a Service). Learn More

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