The Buyers Guide – 10 Top Tips for Data Acquisition (2017)

Top Tips to Buying Data

The Buyers Guide – 10 Top Tips for Data Acquisition (2017)

Get it right and you can gain new customers and make a good impression. Get it wrong and you can get black listed and even put your business at risk.

With the advent of GDPR next year we are encouraging our customers to start on the road of better data practice. 1 Stop Data work hard to make sure all our data is compliant and up-to-date and that takes significant investment. We want to invest in you too and help you achieve not only compliance but we believe with better data practise your ROI will improve too.

To help you ensure you are using both compliant and accurate data we have put together a top ten list to keep your data safe.

  1. Only use a reputable data supplier; the fines now are of a level that old and scraped data will put your business at risk.
  2. Make sure the data supplier you use is a member of the DMA and listed with the ICO.
  3. Check their size and credentials are such that they are able to make sure the data they supply is both up-to-date and accurate.
  4. Check the data is gathered on a legal basis, that they have informed the recipients of usage and are completely transparent with their data collection.
  5. Does the data supplier run a clear and easy to use unsubscribe and data access policy.
  6. Test and test again, you wouldn’t buy a new car without testing it first. The data you buy is the vehicle for growing your business so make sure you test it too.
  7. How does your supplier collect the data? If they claim to have a call centre ask to go visit it or link to their callers.
  8. Get referrals. As is the way today very few people use a service unless they know it’s good. Do the same with data ask around.
  9. Credit check your supplier. It’s amazing how many companies are operating outside of active registration. Either use a credit bureau check or at very least check them out on companies house.
  10. Last but not least always ask for a guarantee!

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