Quick 10 Top Tips for Venue Marketing

Quick 10 Top Tips for Venue Marketing

Quick 10 Top Tips for Venue Marketing

Quick 10 Top Tips for Venue Marketing – 

If one thing is clear from what the world has been through in the last year, office working won’t be the same going forward.

More people will work from home or hubs and in turn will need more offsite meetings for team building, client or HR meetings. This means companies in the hospitality business have a huge opportunity to rent out space and the first with the insight to get marketing will win the day.

1 Stop Data can help you reach the very customers who need to rent your space. As the leading provider business ABM data and lead generation, we can provide you with access to your target marketing quickly and efficiently.

To help you get the most out of your multi channel marketing we have provided below Quick 10 Top Tips for Venue Marketing:

Quick 10 Top Tips Guide for Venue Marketing

1) The first piece of wisdom in our Quick 10 Top Tips for Venue Marketing is to let people know about your space. Market to local business within your area or with easy access. High light your accessibility e.g. near a station, airport, motorway.

2) The second golden nugget of our Quick 10 Top Tips for Venue Marketing, is to provide plenty of pictures of your venue. There is nothing more frustrating not being able to see where you are going to hire looks like. So whether it’s a nice airy barn or a cosy nook with a fireplace let us see it!

3) Clearly list all the benefits of using your facilities such as excellent WiFi, food and drink available all day or 24/7, private rooms and all size meetings.

4) The same goes with being generous with the small stuff, tissues, hand sanitiser, cups, pens, flip chart. As a long term user of spaces it is really frustrating to have to pause a meeting for a cup or tissue. So highlight the benefits of using your space over another.

5) Create followers and build a newsletter list, offer each recipient the chance to link to you plus get offers, upgrades or points by providing a newsletter opt in on every outbound message.

6) Provide online booking and provide the link directly to your site with each message you broadcast.

7) Don’t lose out on intent, 1 Stop Data can provide the services you need to catch those showing signs of needing your service. These are your best prospects.

8) Personalise; make sure you include information on the recipient where possible to make your messaging more enticing.

9) Test your market, spread your net wide then focus in on your best prospects for regular communications.

10) For real effect make your campaign multi channel using email, LinkedIn and calling. This combined with account data you have a sustainable programme to roll out continuously.

We do hope you found our Quick 10 Top Tips for Venue Marketing useful.

1 Stop Data has vast experience successfully promoting loyalty programmes, office space and hospitality.

Major companies use 1 Stop Data for effective and compliant marketing, so don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business.

10 Top Tips for Venue Marketing

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