OSCAR 3 – Updates and Patch Notes: October 2019

OSCAR 3 – Updates and Patch Notes: October 2019

Welcome to our latest version of OSCAR, your direct access to B2B Live. There has been a number of exciting developments with OSCAR3 this month broadening our search and selections, training and data available to you.

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Expanded Employee and Turnover Selections:

To provide the enhanced targeting you require we have expanded the employee bands to provide more granularity. Do have a look at the new employee bands.

Employee Bands:
A. 1
B. 2-10
C. 11-50
D. 51-200
E. 201-500
F. 501-1,000
G. 1,001-5,000
H. 5,001+

Turnover Bands:
A. 1 < 1M
B. 1M < 5M
C. 5M < 10M
D. 10m < 50M
E. 50M < 100M
F. 100M < 500M
G. 500M < 1Bn
H. 1Bn+

UK Data Expansion:

1 Stop Data has expanded both the number of contacts and number of emails in the UK in the last couple of months. This makes OSCAR the largest source of B2B emails on the UK market.

We will continue pushing the boundaries on data gathering over the coming months expanding even further into the SME market with otherwise unavailable in-depth data. We also continue to strengthen our technical team and calling agents in Northern Ireland who work tirelessly to find new and better ways to get business information over the phone, email and desk research. We will be announcing even further growth and developments over the coming months.


[Boring but Important bit!]

1 Stop Data works hard to ensure we provide you with compliant data. Once we supply the data to you, we ask you to ensure you and your clients are following best practice for GDPR and PECR compliance to keep us all data safe.

The critical points are as follows:

  1. Always list the end user within OSCAR3 and use each list for one client project only (this is essential for potential later subject access requests).
  2. Ensure your clients have a copy of our T&Cs found here (you can adapt these to contain your company name keeping the legal framework in place).
  3. Provide access to a monthly feed of our unsubs to your clients or ask they run their ‘Right to be Informed’ programme or both. If you have any questions on this call me.
  4. Keep all data encrypted and password protected when in transfer or not being processed. Delete all unused data and do not store it longer that required.

Training Thursday:

As is our want we at 1 Stop Data take time every Thursday to focus on training. This week we released a range of new and helpful OSCAR training documents. You can access these materials to help you optimise your use and gain even better value from OSCAR.

We encourage you and your team to make use of these as anything that provides better quality selects, shorter time spent selecting or other useful techniques adds to your bottom line.

If you need further help or a call from one of our technical sales team just let us know.


As we develop our products and processes purely for your use, we value your views and suggestions and continue to address any issues as they arise. Please contact us with any views or comments so we can develop our products to serve your needs.

If you have any questions regarding OSCAR, please contact your account manager.