In the Numbers – Data Lake UK

In the Numbers - Data Lake UK

In the Numbers – Data Lake UK

In the Numbers – Data Lake UK

In this edition of “In the Numbers”, we take a snap-shot look at Data Lake UK.

The Data Lake from 1 Stop Data provides unrivalled access to decision-makers and influencers across a range of departments and job functions, which means you can take your ABM strategy to the next level, laser targeting key executives across all industries, utilising essential prospect information, including verified email addresses, social links, business phone, along with other firmographics, job responsibilities, interest areas and expertise.

In the Numbers - Data Lake UK

If you have any questions, or require assistance with audience planning, data acquisition,  compliance, or lead generation, contact 1 Stop Data today.

Check out the 1 Stop Data YouTube channel for more content regarding B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, GDPR Compliance and much more!

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