Case Study: Hotel loyalty programme

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Case Study: Hotel loyalty programme


1 Stop Data’s focus was to drive new memberships for the hotel loyalty programme for a global brand.


For the acquisition programme we planned and implemented targeted contact discovery ensuring we had both the right targets and permissions in place before the campaign Go Live date. We then ran email campaigns which included targeting with a carefully created plan using our corporate intelligence, EDGAR email software and B2B Live data.

The model evolved using constant data analytics during the campaign and gauging the metrics to improve the campaign journey with a ‘test and adapt’ email programme.

A constant feedback loop was put in place with continuous contact discovery via our UK call centre we created new leads and permissions for the funnel for maximum market impact.

By focusing on the quality of the lead at source and adapting the message to the recipients we gained a higher than average response rate.


The outcome of the campaign was very successful with 1 Stop Data, hughly exceeding expectations in the growth in members for the loyalty programme.

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