7 Steps to Clean and Compliant Data

7 Steps to Clean and Compliant Data

7 Steps to Clean and Compliant Data

Having clean and compliant data is vital to business success. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it…

Someone needs to clean up all those messy data sets, update and validate the information, fill the gaps, standardise them and make sure they’re compliant with the latest standards so that you can leverage them for your marketing campaigns and business strategies.

Here at 1 Stop Data, we have our 7 steps process to help clients achieve this.

The journey to get clean and compliant data starts when your data comes into our secure data centre, then the magic happens. Here are our 7 Steps to Clean and Compliant Data:

1) Verify and append to your data from our Global databases

2) Append update dates for audit tracking and new data attributes

3) Research new additional contacts that match your data and target market

4) Research new attributes for additional data (postal, emails, phone, websites etc…)

5) Append new key selection criteria including industry, employee size, company type and sales etc…

6) Append emails and social media links to your existing data, and newly researched data

7) GDPR Compliance – Email right to be informed notifications

7 Steps to Clean and Compliant Data

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