21 Tips to Increase Sales and Profits with B2B Content Marketing Strategies

21 Tips to Increase Sales and Profits with B2B Content Marketing Strategies

21 Tips to Increase Sales and Profits with B2B Content Marketing Strategies – Do you want to increase sales and profits? Then content marketing is a great way for you to do so. With the right strategies, your company can reach out to new prospects with ease. This guide will provide 21 tips that are proven effective in business-to-business (B2B) marketing!

Tip #01: Offer Value to the Customer

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Offering value is a great way for you to build relationships with your customers. It will make them more likely to purchase other products, and it can also improve retention rates. For example, if they subscribe to an email list about tips for running an effective business, then that’s something new in their inbox, which might make them feel valued or interested enough that they’ll actually open the emails from you when you send them out later on!

Tip #02: Be Consistent in Your Emails and Posts

If you send out sporadic emails or post on your website and social platforms with a low frequency, it won’t be as effective because people won’t be accustomed to expecting them! So instead, try sending out at least one email and post per week so that they can come to expect it and look forward to opening up their inbox and seeing what’s inside.

How often should I send an email? If you want to increase engagement rates, we suggest sending no less than once every week, preferably 2 or 3 times per week (and most importantly on Tuesdays). We’ve found that Tuesday to Thursday is when people tend to have a higher engagement rate, so grumpy Monday and happy Friday (or “POETS day”) should be less of a distaction.

Tip #03: Make it Easy for Them to Share Your Content


If you want your customers to share what they’re reading with their friends and colleagues, then make sure that there are easy sharing buttons with your content. A good place is at the bottom so that they can naturally share quickly and without any hassle! This will help increase engagement rates as well because it gets out more word-of-mouth about who you are.

How do I make my emails easier to share? The easiest way is by adding social media links like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., which can all be found in many different sizes depending upon where you’d like them placed (e.g. bottom of your content, sidebar widget and so on).

Tip #04: Be Clear and Concise in Your Emails

One of the worst things to experience is opening up your email only to find a long wall of text. This day and age of quick information can be overwhelming for many people because time is so precious. If your email is too long, it will likely cause them to disengage from what you’ve written! A better option would be using short paragraphs.

Shorter paragraphs are easier on the eyes and outlining what each paragraph should cover (e.g. intro sentence, the main point/topic sentence), then you can flesh out depth and detail in a related document, web page or blog post etc.

How do I make my emails more clear? You may want to try breaking down your content into shorter sections such as bullet points along with sub-points beneath those bullets. This will help organise your content and make it easier for the reader to comprehend.

Tip #05: Get Customer Feedback

The best way of knowing what’s working (or not) in your email marketing strategy is by asking customers themselves! You can either do this through an online survey or over the phone with a live agent. Whichever method you choose to go with, you’ll be able to get more information about their experience and any suggestions that they may have, which could lead to new strategies being employed, such as including certain images or gifs to increase engagement rates further still!

How do I ask for customer feedback? An effective way would be sending them out an online questionnaire via email. This will allow you to get more accurate feedback to suit them without any added pressure of spending time on the phone walking through a survey with an agent. Online surveys also are far more cost-effective for you as a business owner.

Tip #06: Include Personalised Calls-to-Action

The best thing about email marketing is that you can target individuals based upon certain criteria such as demographic data (e.g. gender), purchase history, site visits etc., which means that you can send them personalised offers on anything from products/services through discounts/vouchers! 

For example, maybe someone is planning on purchasing a new laptop soon, so why not try sending out an offer to them about a laptop case for their new purchase to make sure that the offer is still fresh in their mind when they’re ready to buy!

How do I include personalised calls to action? To ensure that your offers are more effective, it’s best if you tailor every single one of them according to each person. For example, maybe someone just made an online purchase, so why not send out a discount code on top of congratulating them and thanking them for the business (allowing this individual to feel as though they have received some VIP treatment!). Alternatively, you could also add images/links at the end, which will help get across what exactly the call-to-action entails, such as adding a photo of what they will receive or a link to the offer page itself.

Tip #07: Reach Out To Your Past Customers As Well!

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You may have heard that it’s best to focus on your existing customers rather than trying to target new ones all of the time, and this is especially true with email marketing strategies because those who are already engaged (e.g. they’ve purchased products/services from you before) are more likely to return in the future as well!

One way of getting them back would be by sending out ‘Thank You For Returning’ emails which could include discounts for their next purchase, free shipping if they spend over £100 etc., which will help show them that there really is something special about coming back again and again while also helping keep their trust in your brand.

How can I reach out to my past customers? You can start by sending them a survey, allowing you to get feedback on what they’re enjoying the most about your company and any suggestions that they might have for new strategies. If it’s been a while since their last purchase, then you could also send out an email with all of the latest products/services available as well as give instructions on how to make another purchase (e.g. giving a link where they need only enter in their password or use up-to-date payment information).

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Tip #08: Make The Subject Lines Catchy And Unique!

Catchiness doesn’t always equate to being over-the-top, but it needs to be unique and informative enough that the customer will want to open up your email to learn more or understand what’s being offered.

For example, you could try using ‘Introducing Our Latest Product’ with a brief explanation of exactly what this new product entails before providing an irresistible call-to-action that is designed specifically for said offer.

How do I make my subject lines catchy? One way would be by including something about the latest sale/discounts while also keeping them short yet descriptive (e.g. Introducing our 50% off everything on-site!). You can also include small snippets such as “Save £100 Now!” without explaining too much because those interested will know to click on the link to learn more.

Tip #09: Use Images And Videos To Break Up The Text!

It’s been proven that images and videos are much better at breaking up text because they create a greater level of interest for those who might be skimming through your email or not reading it due to time constraints, which means you’ll have a higher chance of keeping them engaged with what you’re trying to say!

So, for example, if there is a topic that needs clarification (e.g. an obscure point about something), then include photos/videos illustrating exactly how this works so people can understand without needing any written detail whatsoever. What makes these even more effective is when they match up with the content. So, for example, if you’re providing a tutorial on how to use something, then include short videos of someone actually using it while the text at the bottom explains what they are doing.

Tip #10: Make Use of Offers And Promotions!


Although many companies are spending more time and money than ever before to come up with their own offers/promotions which will increase sales for them (e.g. buy one get one free), there’s also an opportunity here to create your own promotion that will only be available through email marketing strategies instead.

One idea might be by giving customers the chance to win prizes when they purchase certain items such as tickets for upcoming events, gift cards worth £50 etc. because this way you’ll have a greater chance of not only getting them to purchase but also creating an incentive for those who are on the fence about it.

Tip #11: Stay In Touch With Customers When They’re Not Buying!

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It’s been proven that one of the best ways to increase sales is by staying in touch with customers when they’re not buying anything from your company, which means you should always be sending out emails even if there might not be any new products or services being offered at present (e.g. giving tips/advice on how to maintain their car more easily).

The key here would actually be by providing information and advice over time no matter what; this way, you won’t just seem like another business without much thought put into it, and you’ll also have a greater chance of increasing your customer base.

Tip #12: Track Results And Learn From Mistakes!

No matter what tactics you use, it’s always important to track the results so that you can see if they’re working or not. Once again, using Google Analytics will help immensely because you’ll know exactly which ones are more popular than others and should be used more often for maximum effectiveness (e.g. sending out a newsletter with advice on how to maintain your car).

Tip #13: Offer A Free E-Book!

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If someone has subscribed to receive emails from your company, but there hasn’t been anything new available recently, one way to keep them engaged would be by including an offer of free e-books instead; this could also work as an incentive when handing out a voucher or promotion.

For example, if someone has been subscribed for over six months and they haven’t bought anything yet, then you could offer them an e-book as a way of thanking their loyalty to your company so far!

Tip #14: Offer A No-Cost Trial Of Your Product / Service!


This is the perfect opportunity to test the waters with potential customers who might not know whether or not they want what you’re offering; after all, people should figure out now than later on once they’ve spent money without guaranteeing that it will work (e.g. trial period).

Of course, the best part would be by trying this tactic only when there isn’t already something going on, such as during winter holiday sales when people are more likely to spend money.

Tip #15: Offer Discounts For Loyal Customers!

It’s always a good idea to reward your loyal customers for their loyalty by offering them discounts of some kind; this will give you the chance to thank those who have been with you from the start while at the same time potentially attracting new potential clients as well because they’ll want what other people have (e.g. discounted rates).

This is best done either in conjunction with an event that might be happening or not, depending on whether it needs extra promotion, and can include anything such as offers/discounts, vouchers etc…

Tip #16: Offer New Products or Services!

It’s been proven that some customers will always stay with a company no matter what because they’re loyal. Still, not all of them will – meaning you’ll have to keep thinking up new strategies to maintain the ones you already have (e.g. by offering something new).

This could mean anything such as introducing an updated version of your product/service, even if it might cost more than before so long as people know it has improved features etc., create partnerships with other businesses for cross-promotions; the idea here would actually be by making sure any potential customer knows about this update and can’t say “well I don’t want to buy this because I already bought it before.”

Tip #17: Utilising Social Media!

At the end of the day, social media is necessary for a successful marketing strategy; in fact, without utilising platforms like Facebook or Twitter, there’s really no way you’ll be able to keep up with customer demands. What customers are looking for these days are personal interactions and connections.

So by offering deals/discounts on your company page while also following other pages that might have some relevance to what they’re interested in (e.g. automobiles), you increase the chances of getting more followers who will then receive updates about any new offers etc… The key here would actually be by providing engaging content with every couple of days to ensure people are more likely to come back for updates.

Tip #18: Engage With Customers!


The number one thing you can do to improve your customer relations is actually talking and engaging with them (e.g. listening, asking questions, responding, etc.). This not only shows that you care about their comments, but it also increases the chances of getting a sale because if they feel like they’re being heard, then there’s less chance of them leaving without spending

money on what they wanted (e.g. by answering any queries or concerns). The key here would actually be by investing time into this strategy daily – whether through surveys or simply reaching out via social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger.

Tip #19: Utilise Incentives!

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when marketing your company is using incentives to encourage customers to buy (e.g. vouchers, discounts etc.). You can offer anything from a single item or even an entire purchase – the idea here would actually be by trying this tactic only when there isn’t already something going on, such as during winter holiday sales when people are more likely to spend money.

Tip #20: Utilising Your Strengths!

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Understanding and utilising what you do best to improve customer relations; whether you are designing clothes, making food products, or building homes, your passion and quality will speak for themselves if you focus on what you’re good at. That, in turn, should correlate back to more sales, repeated custom and ultimately increased sales.

Tip #21: Create a Marketing Plan!

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Lastly, it’s important to create and follow through with your own marketing plan because without doing so, you’ll never be able to measure the success of any strategies or know what needs improvement – which is essential for iterating over these steps until they’re working well enough that you can see some gains in profits due to increased production/sales.

The key here would actually be by creating this on paper (e.g. using Microsoft Excel) so that all aspects are laid out in a clear manner where nothing will get lost within them, as opposed to trying to do everything from memory or being overwhelmed at how much there is. This way, no matter who takes over when one person leaves, there will always be a document that can help keep you on track with the previous marketing strategies, which is necessary for continuing growth in both profits/production and customer relations!

We do hope you found our 21 Tips to Increase Sales and Profits with B2B Content Marketing Strategies useful.

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