OSCAR (One Stop Counts and Reporting)

Query our B2B Live database in relative real-time to get counts and export data fast with O.S.C.A.R

OSCAR is in the cloud which enables you to run and access saved counts on multiple devices… For example, you can run and save your count selection on your Desktop PC or laptop, and access it again on your internet connected iPad / Tablet, or Smartphone, it’s that easy!


Why run counts when others can do it for you?!?

Feeling Posh, a bit lazy or just very busy?

Utilise our concierge service and let our data team run counts for you*

*Standard data rates and additional costs apply


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OSCAR News - Updates and Patch Notes

Want direct access to either the full B2B Live Database, or a defined subset, with advanced reporting capabilities? Check out our B2B DaaS (Data as a Service) solution.

Want to discuss a requirement? No problem, contact our consulting team.